A Better Way to Manage your Schedule

Save precious time and money by automating your instagram activities. Increase user engagements with our chatbot and direct messaging function.

Easy To Use

Schedule your tasks with an easy to use layout. Automate messages, posts, and more without ever leaving the website.


Our website is served over SSL so you have nothing to worry about. Images and videos are hosted on very secure and encrypted servers.


We don't just offer Direct messaging, You can automate your replies to customers even when you're not online.

Track your progress

With a simple dashboard you can easily monitor your progress, see your linked accounts, and manage your messaging commands. You can also view and create messaging or user lists.

  • View And Manage Your Accounts And Notifications.
  • Create And Edit Messaging And Users Lists.
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Automate your Activities
with ease

SMAXIAN allows you to easily accomplish more than you normally would by using smart A.I to automate your activities.

  • Schedule posts, pictures, and videos to publish at a time you prefer.
  • Create direct responses to messages from customers when you're away.
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Create, Schedule, and Send messages to your Customers, Followers, and Unfollowers with our automated messaging feature.

Post Scheduling

Schedule your posts for later. Save precious time while keeping your profile organized and followers engaged.

Task Tracking

See how well your posts and messages are performing real-time. Manage your social accounts on a single dashboard.

RSS Feature

You can setup rss to save time creating new posts. Simply configure your url, location, and name to get instagram contents to your account.

A.I Messaging

Setup a chatbot to automatically respond to new followers, dead followers, customers and more even when you're not online. Everything is automated.

Flexible Pricing PLans For Everyone.

Save money by choosing SMAXIAN that offers more features than anyone and for a much lower price tag.


Good For Beginners

$ 3.00

Billed monthly per user
Start Starter
What's included:
  • Full Access
  • Enhanced Security
  • 500MB Storage
  • Free Support
  • No Free Proxy
  • Tracking Enabled


Perfect for Creators

$ 10.00

Billed monthly per user
Start Standard
What's included:
  • Full Access
  • Enhanced Security
  • 10GB storage
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1 Dedicated Account Manager
  • Free IPV6 Proxy


Suitable for Agencies

$ 30.00

Billed monthly per user
Start Enterprise
What's included:
  • Full Access
  • Enhanced Security
  • 50GB Storage
  • 24/7 Support
  • 3 Dedicated Account Managers
  • 6 IPV6 Proxies Included
  • Free Materials For Publishing
  • Free Premium Canva Account
How does SMAXIAN work ?

We use A.I to make it easy for anyone to publish posts, schedule messages and more without having to spend money on account managers and ads.

What is the main process of opening an account ?

We operate a very simple policy. Simply use the registration link, fill out some details (nothing personal), select a plan and you're good to go.

How to schedule a post or message ?

You can schedule posts for publishing by visiting the Posts page or for messaging use the Direct Message page. We've included some message lists to save time.

Is SMAXIAN safe to use with my account ?

We follow instagram rules and policies so your account shouldn't face any problems as long you're using the tools normally. We recommend using a private IPV6 OR IPV4 Proxy from a reputable provider for extra safety. Premium and Enterprise users get this for free.

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